Hematite Grounding Buddha Bracelet

Hematite Grounding Buddha Bracelet

Grounding Buddha Bracelet 


Hematite is powerful grounding gemstone. It helps clear away negative energies and helps navigate the wearer through practical matters by clearing confusion. The Hematite crystal works to pull any stray negative energy in the aura to the root chakra where it neutralizes its harmful effects by balancing and aligning all seven chakras. This explains why Hematite is one of the best root chakra stones. Hematite has been linked to clearing away negative feelings from stress, anxiety, and worry. It is paired with the Buddha bead intended to draw positive energy and enlightenment.


This authentic Chakra Bracelet has been infused with Reiki Energy by a Master Reiki Practitioner.  All pieces are energetically cleansed and prepared before reaching their forever homes. this bracelet is intended to help bring the wearer back to homeostasis.


What is Reiki? Reiki is the Universal Life Force that infuses all living matter. Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Energy.” Reiki is a form of Holistic Healing used to balance and harmonize the body’s own energy system. Reiki assists the body in repairing itself as needed to bring it back to homeostasis.



7.5 inches 

8mm Stone

1.0mm Elastic String 

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