Bold, Original, Assertive 


This beautiful one of a kind piece is created with Amethyst, Agate, Howlite,  and stainless steel spacer beads. Let's not forget about the silver plated heart charm completing the bold look.


7.5 inches

8mm Stone

1.0mm Elastic String

Strong Bish

  • Strong Bish 2.0


    Helps with:


    Amethyst – Peace, stability, calmness, intuition, insight, insomnia, safe travels, creativity, manifestation, stress, anxiety, addiction, nightmares


    Moonstone – (amplifier) Manifestation, intuition, decision making


    Agate – Sense of security, emotional balance, calmness focus, concentration




  • This authentic piece has been infused with Reiki Energy by a Master Reiki Practitioner. All pieces are energetically cleansed and prepared before reaching their forever homes.

    This bracelet is intended to help bring the wearer back to homeostasis.