White Sand and Stone

Meet Celeste!

 "Celeste, how was your experience with our Reiki Master, Lisa?"



"This amazing woman is the best.. she has pulled me out of some darkness, and for that I am eternally grateful for her and everything she has passed on to me. My Reiki session was the cherry on top to the amazing bracelets she personally makes just for you.

My life has gotten so much more positive than it was before. At my coaching session before Reiki, Lisa helped me understand about the stuff that was bringing me down. This is something I've never done, or told anyone my inner thoughts and feelings to, but with her I opened up. She made me feel that there's a way for everything and everyone, you just gotta search in between the lines sometimes.

Lisa's amazing gift has given me and everyone else she helps, a better way of thinking about life. Especially when you think no one's listening, Lisa is there always listening. She's the best ever ❤🤩

- Celeste

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